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Disc Drives

HDD resin parts made with micron-order accuracy.

Precision Molded Resin Parts

Yamauchi manufactures resin parts that are essential for hard disk drives, such as ultrahigh-precision mechanism parts, in a completely clean environment.

Precision Molded Resin Parts
  • Ultrahigh Precision and Cleanness Achieved at the Micro Level.

    There are many molded resin parts in a hard disk drive (HDD). In order to design and manufacture them, parts manufacturers must overcome many technical hurdles. Yamauchi maximizes its mold technology to produce parts with complex shapes with micron-order accuracy, and uses material development technology to create clean, heat-resistant materials that do not contaminate the inside of the drive. Yamauchi manufactures high-quality, high-precision molded parts in a completely clean environment to meet the rigorous requirements of each customer.


Advanced Mold Technology and Precision Molding Technology for Creating Parts with Complex Shapes.

Yamauchi utilizes advanced technologies to design the most suitable material for each part as well as cutting-edge mold processing technology and precision clean molding technology to produce parts with complex shapes. Our technologies are highly evaluated by many manufacturers of hard disk drives. Yamauchi is one of the few manufacturers in Japan that produces critical resin parts for hard disk drives.
Yamauchi manufactures all types of precision resin parts, including precision mechanism parts, packing/sealing parts and protection mechanism parts.

Clean, High-Quality Parts with Minimal Outgas and Ion Contamination.

The inside of a hard disk drive must maintain an extremely high level of cleanliness, free of not only dust but also outgas and ion contamination caused by parts materials. Yamauchi has established a Clean Room for the production of precision molded resin parts, and manufactures products under vigorous quality control.
Clean Room
Clean Environment

Using Clean Technology for Producing Various High-Quality Parts Other than HDD Parts.

To produce hard disk drive parts, which require extremely high levels of precision and cleanliness, it is necessary to overcome substantial technical difficulties. The production environment we have established also enables us to manufacture various other parts cleanly with high quality. If you have any problems with conventional precision molded resin parts, please consult Yamauchi.

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