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Low hardness ionic conductive material.

Developing Rollers

By finishing the rubber surface roughness to be smaller than that of the toner particles, we provide a developing roller that supports an even higher image quality. 

Developing Rollers
  • No toner sticking or filming. Optimized roller surface.

    In order to supply uniform toner to the photoconductor unit, the characteristics of rubber surface roughness and friction coefficient of the developing roller are very important. Yamauchi has the technology to control and match these characteristics to various types of toner. We also offer low-hardness ionic conducting material developed through our unique blending technology.


Uses low strain materials born from Yamauchi’s unique blending technology.

Yamauchi’s development roller uses a newly developed low strain material that has evolved based on the ion conductive rubber compounding technology that has been proven in transfer rollers and other products. Despite being an ion conductive material, the dependence on environmental temperature and humidity is kept low, so that high image quality can be stably exhibited in any environment. As for the non-staining properties of the members that come into contact with the development roller, it is a feature that high-dimensional compatibility is achieved even with low-hardness materials.

Roller outer diameter runout and circumferential runout are minimized by our unique processing technology.

Yamauchi’s development roller adopts a method that further evolved our original processing technology, which has a proven track record with drive rollers. Despite being a low-hardness rubber material, it is possible to make the roller outer diameter runout and circumferential runout to an accuracy close to that of the drive roller. This can be maintained without any significant change even after various surface properties are given.

We propose surface properties corresponding to various use conditions and applications.

We believe that it is possible to control the coefficient of friction and propose various coating materials to match the characteristics of various toners. Please contact us for detailed specifications.


Materials with Optimal Hardness, Resistance, etc., Meet Specific Product Requirements.


※For certain roller shapes, we can respond to needs for characteristics outside the above ranges. Contact Yamauchi for details.

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