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AV Equipment

Efficiently reducing motor noise.

Microphone Dampers

Available in a wide range of types, these dampers reduce motor noise and protect microphones.

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  • Reducing Noise and Maximizing Microphone Performance.

    Today’s video recording devices, such as digital still cameras and video cameras, are becoming more and more compact, and the sensitivity of their built-in microphones is increasing. This raises the importance of taking measures against internal noise generation. Yamauchi uses a wide range of materials to provide optimal microphone dampers for your products.


Different Hardness Levels Allow Flexible Tuning of Characteristics.

Controlling the hardness of the rubber material makes it possible for vibration-resistant dampers and insulators to effectively suppress vibration. Yamauchi sets the hardness in fine 5-degree steps across a wide hardness range of 3 to 60 (A). When selecting materials, the resonance point can also be freely controlled, so even after the component shape has been decided and the mold has been produced, tuning is still applicable to approach the ideal characteristics.

Dynamic Viscoelasticity (tan δ) Is Graded Across a Wide Range of 0.1 to 0.8.

Products with excellent audio characteristics require countermeasures against a wide frequency range. Yamauchi grades its materials across a wide dynamic viscoelasticity range(tan δ)of 0.1 to 0.8. Covering this wide frequency range effectively suppresses vibration magnification.
  • Thermoset rubber has excellent compression strain characteristics for high reliability.
  • Excellent weather resistance ensures no ozone cracks under conditions of 40°C/50 pphm x 72 hours.
  • Environmentally friendly: RoHS Directive compliance.
  • Thermoset rubber enables complicated shapes.

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